January 2017

In January, we were joined by the fabulous Tim Holehouse and Herra Makikuisma for an evening of music at Rough Trade Nottingham

If you're not familiar, Tim has spent the last 10 years on the road touring for a pure love of music, travelling and adventure - The archetypal image of a bluesman, outcast from proper society and stalked by personal demons. His unique brand of mutant delta blues (blues played by someone raised on a musical diet of bands like Minor Threat, Husker du, Minute men and Black Flag) went down an absolute storm and we can't wait to play with him again next time he passes through town.

Tim was touring with Herra M√§kikuisma, a folk/rock musician from Finland who opened the evening with some beautifully melancholic music. In Finnish, his name means Mr St John's Wort. 

We had great fun with Tim and Herra - and special thanks to sound technician Tom who made the night as always.