"Truth or Consequences is the most astonishingly brilliant, savagely emotive and disturbingly immersive album I’ve heard in a long time. It does what all music should do, taking you to a place you might never otherwise visit and revealing truths you might not care to think about." 
David Flint, Reprobate Press 

"Quite simply, there is nothing remotely close to this band, they are unique. They deliver loud, emotional and powerful music, take it or leave it. 21 Girls delivers, it takes the template set with Truth or Consequences and expands upon it. This album is the full package of writing, performance and atmosphere from beginning to end." 
Chris McGranaghan, TOR Records

"21 Girls is an album full of atmosphere and stunning music from a very unique band."  

"Mix the best bits of Throwing Muses, Tarnation and Bettie Serveert together and you'll be in the same ball park as The Madeline Rust." 
Mat Handley, You, The Night and The Music

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