November was a month to celebrate births and birthdays - first our drummer Martin and his other half Nikki brought a daughter into the world, thereby completing his back-up band line-up along with their two sons. If he happens to lose any of us, he now has a spare.

Last night we played at the Tap n Tumbler to celebrate the 25th birthday of our dear friend James from The Angry Seed, where we enjoyed sets by the birthday band themselves and also the ace Mad Foxes, but I think the very talented Kathryn Burton from face painters extraordinaire Piparoo stole the show with her excellent corpse paint skills. If you think this is good, you should check out her rainbow sloth taxidermy. No, seriously.

Our set went out live on Facebook and you can watch it here if you want to see chaos with false starts, malfunctioning pedal boards, and a stunt guitar solo by Gez with two seconds' warning from Aly in the middle of Inside at about 21 minutes in: