APRIL 2015

TOR Records fifth birthday party was an event to remember. It all started at TOR Headquarters (Those Old Records, Brewery St Shopping Centre, Rugeley) with George Broadhurst and Aiden Marsden providing in-store musical entertainment with some great acoustic cover versions and a lesson about playing the cajon! The store closed early so that our Vinyl Overlord Chris McGranaghan could ready himself and don his finest suit for the evening’s proceedings.

The George IV in Lichfield was the venue for the evening’s entertainment, and when Steve Yates’s fantastic vinyl DJ set kicked off, we knew we were in for a good night.
Our label-mates, Peter Parker’s Rock and Roll Club played a stunning opening set. Although we enjoy their records, we had never seen them play live before, and we were simply blown away! Drummer Sakura’s chic punk style, and Frontman Peter’s gentle yet charismatic presence were both charming and exciting. Can’t wait for their next single to be released later this year!

After another short set by George and Aidan - and managing to get Chris off the stage before he launched into the next anecdote (we love you, Boss!) - The Madeline Rust took to the stage for a very sweaty, fun gig.
It was great to see some 'The Madeline Rust' T Shirts in the audience, heart-warming to see some of you singing along to Lucy's lyrics about serial killers, and afterwards it was amazing meeting some of our new social media followers (dare we say “fans?”). We’re really happy you could make it, and we hope to see you again soon!

Last but not least, we officially gained a new band member! Our part-time guitarist Gez has been playing live with us quite a lot recently, and since he has also been involved with writing the next album, it felt the right time to say it out loud – So please welcome Gez to The Madeline Rust!...