We had a great time last night at the Maze, when we hosted ‘An Evening with The Madeline Rust and Friends.’
The event kicked off with a captivating and energetic solo acoustic set by Nikkole Couture, the guitarist and mouthpiece from electro-punks First Person Shooter – at times it was hard to believe there was just one of her onstage!

Next up was a beautiful acoustic set by guitarist/singer/songwriter Calm Man Club, wearing his heart on his capo and stunning us all with his fancy finger-work.

Our fine friends, Nottingham punk-rock trio, The Angry Seed took the stage next – always a pleasure to play with these guys, with their upbeat attitude and penchant for audience participation!

And finally, the turn of The Madeline Rust, and this was seriously one of the most fun gigs we have played so far. It was the first time we have played live through the whole of our forthcoming album, 'Truth or Consequences' (which will be released this year), and we were doubly excited to be joined by two very special guests: Barry Turner, a great guitarist and friend of ours from Halifax, Nova Scotia, who flew in just to play with us, and also Gerralt Ruggiero, AKA Welsh electronic musician Plyci, whose amazing guitar skills you will be able to hear on one track of our forthcoming album.

We’d like to thank everyone who came to join in the fun, and to our event photographer, Gavin Morrow, who captured the action.